“The Whisper Channel” – Chuck Lorre

I’ve recently been introduced to “The Big Bang Theory” and catching a couple of the Chuck Lorre Vanity Cards.

One that really appealed to me was “The Whisper Channel”:

It’s almost as if all the news anchors, reporters, product pitchmen, talk show hosts, politicians, sportscasters, DJ’s and preachers have forgotten how good modern microphones are. Regardless, the purpose of vanity cards is not just to point out the problem, it’s also to propose the solution. And here’s one: The Whisper Channel. A cable news channel where everyone, including advertisers, speaks in gentle, dulcet tones. Our marketing tag line will be one word, “shhh.” Instead of grinning, shouting, overly-coiffed failed actors, our news anchors will be regular folks with beautiful speaking voices who, just to be on the safe side, have been heavily sedated.

What a great idea – my own experiences show that when you have an enigmatic person who deliberately speaks softly, you are compelled to listen so you don’t miss the message!

Go The Whisper Channel.



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