Are you caught in the Society Trap?

It ain’t about the guy who tries to buy a clean car when you’re dirty.  You should figure out how to be clean. You should figure out how to do a job that doesn’t involve you walking in mud all day… it’s possible

Pretty confronting works from Joe Rogan… and there’s another 6 minutes of words just like it.

This video was shared on my Google Plus feed and the commentary with it, made me listen.

The premise is that instead of just finding to do something with time during ‘work hours’ that you simply go to, find something where you can contribute and make life better all round. He briefly touches on the old fashioned barter system to underline this point – where everyone has something to share and contribute.

Have you sold your life to sit in a box and work for a machine that demands productivity, or are you doing something your passionate about?

At 4 minutes and 50 seconds, Joe relates the story of an illustrator friend who lost their job at Nickolodean. The friend started doing illustrations, so they could earn income till their next job came along… and fell into something they loved doing, that made a difference and helped them survive.

For me, it’s about being open to the opportunities as they present themselves… looking at what floats your boat, makes your cup runneth over.

This is well worth the 6 minutes to watch.




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  1. Monika April 21, 2015 at 4:01 pm #

    Great video and message there Charly. Thanks for sharing.

    Society is getting sicker and sicker due to the lives we lead and most people have their head in the sand and numb themselves with TV and other distractions in order not to have to think too deeply about their existence.

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