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Merry Christmas 2012

Here we are again, at the beginning of another Christmas period and I feel compelled to look back over the year that has been…. To me, there is just something about the Christmas period that signifies the ‘close’ of an era.

I’m humbled by all that my wonderful children have achieved this year – both academically and personally, and I’m enriched by the friends in my life who have helped us through the past year.

To my Kids – I love to brag about you! Continue Reading →

Turning 40 – A Milestone, Dinner and a Show

pinkroseI have reached my 40th Birthday.  After many years of joking  that I had been undergoing 40’s counselling, the big day came….. and went!  Surprise, surprise, it was just like any other day and I don’t feel any different today!

Of course, the ‘big party’ is this weekend, so maybe I’ll feel a little different next Sunday!

What was really nice was all the wonderful Birthday wishes I received – thank you to everyone who sent me a Birthday wish or thought.  My Facebook Wall has never been so busy!

My parents and hubbie took me out for Dinner and a Show.  There’s a running joke in our house, that Dinner and a Show means takeway and a drive-in movie (for those of us who are old enough to remember what a drive-in is).  The joke comes from my Dad asking Mum out, when they were ‘courting’, to a dinner and show – he bought her fish and chips and went to a movie!

However, Dinner and a Show this time really was Dinner and a Show – The Patsy Cline Review show starring  Barbara Thompson.  Barbara is a very talented lady and her voice totally floored me.  Her partner, Mark Day, is equally as a talented and did a memorable job of Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers (among others).  The costumes Barbara wore were stunning as well.  Altogether, it was a well put together show and highly entertaining.  I really enjoyed it.

Of course, at the end of the show, Mark and Barbara met the Patrons – very down to earth and amusing couple!  If you get the chance to see these two live, it’s worthwhile – visit Barabara Thompon’s and Mark Day’s website to see where they will be.

Charly and Barbara Thompson

Charly and Barbara Thompson

Barbara Thompson


I’ve been a little quiet over the last few weeks and I thought it time for an update. Stuart and I took the children to World Internet Summit from March 12 to March 15 – a very busy time and tiring.  We all arrived back home very enthused about what we can be doing to generate an online business and set out our plans.

Then, on Tuesday the 17th of March, my Mum suffered a heart attack – at the heart specialist.  I still wonder which Angel was looking over her shoulder that day – the staff were wonderful, called my Dad to come in and arranged to get her admitted to hospital.  It took most of Tuesday to stabilize her.  In the following days, tests were conducted which revealed the stent that was in place had kept the arteries opened but her Aortic valve was damaged.  Open heart surgery was scheduled, and conducted, on March 26. Continue Reading →

What Do You Do When Business Goes Wrong?

Anyone who has been following our story will know that in August 2007, Stuart and I walked away from our franchise businesses in a considerable amount of debt.

For four years, Stuart and I worked hard to make our franchise stores a success story. At one point we ran 4 stores concurrently – one at the request of the Franchisor.  It seemed for a while that we were a success story – even winning the State Franchisee Of The Year (ACT / NSW) and the Tuggeranong Hyperdome’s Retailer Of The Year.  Continue Reading →

Why Encourage Your Child To Be Entrepreneurial?

Over the past couple of days I have been asked by many people why I ‘allowed’ my child to pursue her own entrepreneurial endeavour, particularly in a field like Psychic Development.

It really is quite simple.  I don’t want either of my children to be a position of having to trade Time For Dollars in a job that they may or may not enjoy.  I want them to have the option of choosing where and how they work. Continue Reading →