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Rhiannon To Be Featured As A Young Entrepreneur

I am very big on encouraging my children to have online businesses.  Today, I received the best news ever!

My 12 year old Daughter, Rhiannon has been selected as one of two Under 16 year old entrepreneurs to be featured in a book written by Business Writer Peter Economy.

Rhiannon receives this honour through a competition run by Jenny Ford from Cash Smart Kids and will be featured in Peter’s 2008 Charity Book Project.  The Charity Book Project was developed by Peter Economy as a way to use his passion – writing – to give something back, and hopefully to make the world a better place.

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Franchisee To Entrepreneur

Just over 13 months ago, Stuart and I literally walked away from our EzyDVD Franchise stores.  We were terribly in debt and decided it was time to cut our losses.

We sold our two stores back to head office and walked out in a world of debt.  I mean serious debt with no way of moving it off!

Here we are today, 13 and a little bit months on, living with my parents selling the last of our property to survive.  It looks pretty grim…. or does it really? Continue Reading →