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SuperNova Sydney

June  21, we packed our two teenagers plus a friend into the Forester and headed to Sydney for SuperNova – Pop Culture Expo.  We’ve been mad Sci Fi and Fantasy fans for years, but we’ve never really had the inclination or time to devote to doing a ‘con’ (short for convention) and bit the bullet.  Of course having the kids as equally, if not more so, die hard genre fans made the decision much easier.

The line up for the weekend was kinda impressive – sessions with Alan Tudyk of Firefly / Serenity / Dolls House / Knights Tale; The Knights from King Arthurs court; Karl Urban (sigh); Manu Intiraymi (Star Trek Voyager); Anthony Montgomery (Star Trek Enterprise); David Hasselhoff (that one was for Jess…); The Wesley Twins (ok, ok, Oliver and James Phelps); and Carrie Fisher …. and that was just some of the actors.  Also included were some pretty neat Authors including: Trudi Canavan; Kate Forsyth; and Raymond E Feist – my faves, and there were heaps more there.

After one of the author panels, we got to speak with Kate Forsyth – she’s been a favourite of mine ever since Rhi picked up her books and started reading them.  Kates books were really Rhi’s introduction into Sci Fi / Fan genre.  Kate is an amazing author and has a doctorate in Fairy Tales (I’m sure it has a way more impressive title).  Her latest books (Bitter Greens and The Wild Girl) are based on Fairy Tales and were inspired as she conducted her research for her thesis – how cool is that?

However, I think the best part of the weekend was the CosPlay (costume role playing, or perhaps Dress Ups?).  Both youngsters participated, and to be honest the hubbie and I felt a bit out of place.  Rhi decided to do a different Role Play both days – first day as Sonja Blade (see the image below) and the second day saw a reprise of her Pinky Pie costume.  Morgan donned his LARPing Armour (his character name is Amras Inglorian, a half elf “Knight of the Claw”) to save the damsel from the beast (Jess played along nicely with this one) and take on a Predator.

CosPlay Highlights were Jon Snow and Ygritte (Game of Thones), the guys at the “Of Science and Swords” stand, Steampunk cosplayers and two lovely young ladies dressed as The Doctor (Dr Who?) and a Dalek (how awesome are their costumes?).  However, my biggest thanks goes to the Spartans who braved the cold and wet to parade around SuperNova in their (reasonably) authenticate Spartan garb (eye candy for me).


I’m not a person who does crowds well – it has a lot to do with being 5ft tall and generally being missed in the overall crush however, the crowd and crush over the SuperNova weekend was extremely well behaved and incredibly polite.

Not only did we get to hear some of our fave actors and authors talk, we met some really interesting people and connected with a few local groups.  What more could we want from a weekend away.