Stargate Continuum

Samantha CarterImage via Wikipedia

My copy of Stargate Continuum finally arrived from today. I ordered it over two months ago and, due to me messing up my orders, it took a while to get to me.

However, it was well worth waiting for!

I adore the Stargate series – no matter how cheesey, or how full of holes people say it is, I think it is great stuff with some really great actors (not only good looking, but great actors). Continue Reading →

Jon Stanhope – Is He Really Who You Want Determining Your Policies?

The ACT Legislative Assembly buildingImage via Wikipedia

ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope was suspended from the ACT Legislative Assembly for 3 hours on August 20th. The suspension was issued by the Speaker, Wayne Berry, in response to Mr Stanhopes continued interjections during a debate on health.

Mr Stanhope now becomes the the first sitting chief minister to be suspended from the Assembly. Continue Reading →

Should my 12 Year Old Have Her Own Domain?

An interesting discussion occured tonight. My 12 year old, Rhiannon, enjoys writing and journalling and we have been helping her build online businesses and blogging. I have noticed how her written expression has improved as a result of this.

I wanted to let her develop her own personal blog where she can journal about her life, not necessarily about business. Her Dad asked the obvious question, “shouldn’t we protect her from the Internet”. An intersting dilemma that I posted to a journalling Skype room that I am a member of and a very insightful discussion between three of us ensued. Continue Reading →


Charly LeethamWell, I can hear many people saying ‘About Time’ as they read this blog. I have been ‘online’ for over 12 months now and this is the first time I have set up my personal blog.

To be honest, I haven’t felt much like sharing my personal stuff until now.  It’s funny how the universe works, isn’t it.

Just on 12 months ago, my husband (Stuart) and I ‘walked away’ from our bricks and mortar businesses after selling them back to the franchisor.  We were, and are still, in a considerable amount of debt and I am working to not only meet our monthly loan repayments but also reduce our debt in as short as time as possible.  Enough on this story, that’s for much later however, that is my ‘guiding light’ for the time being. Continue Reading →