September 10

Missing Winter – First Overture


It's been a while since I last posted, sorry.  I feel that I'll probably start a few more posts like this too... 

Part of my consternation is what to write about it - will it be interesting? Will it be coherent? I know, I know, perhaps I shouldn't worry so much about that, but I do. 

I knew by April that I wouldn't be getting home in May. My flight was cancelled again and rebooked for July. Then it got cancelled and rebooked for October. 

"That's OK! It's bad at the moment. We're working to get over this. It will be done soon. The Australian Government will look after its people!"

(How wrong was I?)

It was in April, that my friend got her second cat. I've never actually had a kitten, Wolf was the youngest cat I'd lived with, so I admit to be a little excited and bit nervous.  The first I really knew about the kitten, was the photo that was shared.


Lamb - that's what she was named (more on that in a minute) - arrived home. She was so tiny and white. We kept her and Wolf apart from each other until she settled in.  I think it was two days at most. He was the bestest big brother and she had more than enough Sass to deal with him.

We knew she had sass when she started meowing loudly - far more loudly than an animal her size had a right to - to let us know she was awake. Of course, it helped her "hold her own" with the huge maine coon (who wasn't that large at the time).

These photo's are the first couple of days she came home. The first one is her in the cat carrier, small one, to give a sense of size.

She's named Lamb, so we get Wolf and Lamb - which is a nod to the ultimately nerdiness (to use anyway). Kindred, is a League of Legends character - made up of Wolf and Lamb.  

Missing Home

Of course, I got to miss a Canberran winter. I wasn't really complaining about that.  What I was worried about is that I wasn't home for my Mum's birthday.  I had plans of returning to Australia in May and heading up to Darwin to spend time with her and my Dad.  Mum was sick and spending time with her was important.

Still, better than travelling for 10 hours in a pressurised tin can with others who were potentially carrying the Virus and then introducing it to my Mum and Dad.  I'm not sure that hotel quarantine had been introduced at that point, but I got it. I still get it.  I wouldn't have put my Mum at risk. Or my Dad.

It was also my daughter's birthday as well.  I missed her and I missed not celebrating with her - but we'd catch up when I got home.


Moving Forward

My friends were amazing, of course. Still are. 

Honolulu, Hawai'i, had pretty much locked down. No dine in, many shops were closed, limits to the number of people who were allowed in a business etc etc etc.  It's Hawai'i - people complied and we got on with life. Thank goodness delivery services worked and we could order take out and get it delivered. (So, so, so different to home).

I had my computer. I had work filtering in from my Aussie company. I had games.  

I'd be home... soon. Right?


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