July 15

The First Months


I arrived in Honolulu in early February 2020 and was staying for 3 months. All good!  

We had plans. Touristy things for me to do - Iolani Palace, maybe the Polynesian Cultural Centre, Sea Life Park ... you know the usual stuff. 

We had tickets booked to see Jake Shimabukuro and there were other performers we were keen to see. 

I made it to the Mighty Mo - the USS Missouri Memorial - before it all changed. That was amazing and fantastic. 

Things started getting serious just after this - Australia had started closing the borders, Hawai'i had restricted public gatherings and the like causing most places to shut the door until the restrictions were eased.

That's ok - it would all be over soon, right? May was still two months away - we'd be fine. Just fine.


My friend's had welcomed a Maine Coon kitten to their house in November 2019 and we were enjoying taking him out for drives and park time. That was certainly an experience - I hadn't spent a lot of time with cats and in my experience, they were the creatures that made themselves scarce. Certainly, you didn't put them in harnesses, clip a lead to it and take them to park.

Well ... until now. Meet Wolf!

More of the adventures of Wolf later but he keeps me company during the day when everyone is at work. 

New Skills

What can I say. I like to keep busy and started a personal project.  This one had me learning Ruby (a coding language) and delving more into GitHub and Linux.  I won't belabour this too much - I've enjoyed it and it's something that keeps my brain busy.  

And one day, I'll finish that project. 


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